Journal Articles

  1. Al Serharn, B., Wood, B., & Rutter, R. (2018) The transparency of Islamic hotels:“Nice Islam” and the “self‐orientalizing” of Muslims? International Journal of Tourism Research View OnlineDownload PDF –
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  6. Rutter R, Hanretty C & Lettice F (2015).  Political Brands: Can Parties Be Distinguished by their Online Brand Personality? Journal of Political Marketing. – View OnlineDownload PDF

Book Chapters

  1. Rutter R & Dedoussis E. (2016). Workforce Localisation and Change Management: The View from the Gulf. In A. Goksoy (Ed.), Organizational Change Management Strategies in Modern Business (pp. 301-327). Hershey, PA: Business Science Reference. Download PDF –
  2. Rutter R. (2014). “A Retailer Perspective of E-commerce Brand Management” in E-commerce platform acceptance: Suppliers, Retailers, and Consumers. New York, Springer Publishing. ISBN: 978-3-319-06120-7Download PDF

Conference Papers

  1. Rutter R, Lettice F & Barnes S. (2014). The Importance of Social Media for Validating University Brands. European Conference on Social Media 2014. University of Brighton, Brighton, England, United Kingdom.
  2. Rutter R & Lettice F. (2014). The Importance of Political Brand Personality Differentiation. 9th Global Brand Conference, Academy of Marketing. University of Hertfordshire, Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom.
  3. Rutter R, Lettice F & Barnes S. (2013). An empirical Study of the Effect of Brand Personality Consistency on Recruitment Performance within the UK Higher Education Sector. 8th Global Brand Conference, Academy of Marketing. Catholic University of Portugal, Porto, Portugal.

Recent Press/Trade Coverage

  1. Rutter R and Maamari A. (2014). “Education quality in Oman needs monitoring”. Times of Oman. 20th August 2014, front page and online (
  2. Rutter R and Maamari A. 2014. “Higher education institutions need good marketing”. Oman Observer. 12th February 2014, page 9 and online (

Ph.D. Thesis

Rutter, R.N. (2013). An Empirical Study of the Effect of Brand Personality and Consistency between Marketing Channels on Performance within the UK Higher Education Sector. Ph.D. Thesis. University of East Anglia: U.K. – Download PDF

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