Top 7 iPod, iPhone and iPad Applications for Students

Advances in digital technology have made education more interesting and fun.

What used to fill up high school lockers and bags are now conveniently stored in mobile devices such as the iPad and iPhone. These devices provide access to thousands of learning materials both online and offline.

This medium of learning is also perfectly suited for the lifestyle and aptitude of today’s youth and here are some of the most useful applications available from the Apple App Store:

1. iBooks

iBooks is a great way of making books available on your mobile device. It has an entire library of books to select from and can even be used to access PDF files. You can use the iPad to conveniently view textbooks, eliminating the need for heavy books and large backpacks. This free application also allows the user to highlight passages and add personal notes.

2. iTunes U

This application provides access to courses from leading universities and schools right on your mobile device. You can easily take free lessons created by top instructors and professors. Course materials such as books, documents, videos and presentations are also available through this free application. Improve your knowledge with more than 500,000 learning materials from different institutions around the world.

3. Convert Any Unit Free

This application can convert dozens of unit types and is a useful tool for Math and Science subjects. Converting units has never been easier. By simply typing in a value at the “From” field, the “To” field is automatically limited to the desired unit category. This app also has a built-in calculator and is free to download.

4. iStudiez Pro

This app helps students to manage and plan their schedule. It has a built-in planner that allows the user to input information such as class details, instructors, and personal information. An entire section is also devoted to homework and assignments, and organises the information by date, priority or subject. The “Today” view also summarises important details, making it easier for the user to manage his time. Push notifications and reminders can also be set up and iStudiez Pro only costs £0.69.


This mobile dictionary is a great application that includes a thesaurus, word etymology, and an audio tool for proper pronunciation. It is very easy to use and is even available offline. This free application is essential for students who wish to improve their vocabulary and learn new words.

6. The Chemical Touch

The periodic table can be a complicated and scary chart, but it can be easily accessible in your iPhone through this app. It provides a touch sensitive chart with a wealth of information and links to Wikipedia. You can know more about your favorite element with just a few taps.

7. Simplenote

You can use the boring, yellow note taking application built-in with your iPhone, or you can download a free application that allows you to effectively synchronise information with your other devices. Simplenote connects with a web interface and allows the user to access your notes from a laptop or another mobile device. This app also allows the use of tags, pins, and sharing.

Most of these applications are free or are available at a very reasonable price form the Apple App Store. They are very easy to use and require no expertise. They are also effective tools in encouraging students to study and learn.